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Thoughts, feelings, pictures and who knows what else from a guy who who is about to turn 30 and moved from Pittsburgh to Miami. You'll laugh, you'll cry or you'll cry while laughing at me.

I'm Just someone who wants to enjoy life. I mind my own business, keep to myself and just try to have a good time. Have a good one with me and don't take things too seriously.
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My boss is taking us out for a steak lunch for all the hard work we have been doing during our open enrollment period.

Honestly, I am so excited to eat steak that I cannot function. As a poor person who doesn’t get paid until tomorrow, the idea of having a steak sounds better than any sexual offer I could receive.

I’m a real life version of that, “yasssssss” gif right now.

God, I love steak. I’m sorry to all my veggie followers.

Today’s feeling summed up by this t-shirt

I’m doing a Mother’s Day 5k race since I won’t see my mom on Mother’s Day, I decided to have my company design this shirt for me to wear for in her honor.

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I met Cookie Monster today.

I think I have a #drinking problem. #dunkindonuts #icedtea #coffee #somanyliquids #oj #breakfast






I would go to one of these parties but first I gotta make sure my health insurance covers it

I’m going to go ahead and blame Jason Derulo for this.


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i’m in my penthouse half-naked…


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