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The ’90s Female R&B Group Pyramid of Excellence

This came out in June.

Not ONE of y’all told me about it.  Y’all are not real friends.  We are not as cool as I thought we were.  This is the single most important document in my life now (aside from my mom’s turkey dressing recipe).  So many feelings

  1. Confusion.  Why are both Xscape AND SWV above EnVogue?  
  2. Disrespect.  Why did they use a picture of DC3 in the actual triangle when that didn’t become the lineup until 2000?
  3. Pride.  I know at least one song from every group until Elusion.  Who?  If they had a half-hit on the R&B chart, I’m supposed to know about it.  Now I have to go research.
  4. Disappointment.  I wish duos had been included in this.  I know technically they’re not girl groups, but acts like Zhane and Changing Faces and Trina & Tamara and KP & Envyi fill those same slots in my musical arsenal as girl groups of three or more.
  5. Excitement.  LOOK AT ALL THESE GROUPS I NEVER HEARD OF.  Just the names alone have me salivating with anticipation of these musical discoveries.  Assorted Phlavors?  Drama?  Harmony Innocents???  Best day of my life.

This is everything to me.

Working on a holiday weekend.

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My Saturday night.

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Meant To Be<3

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1. I get a massage and the man giving the massage first says, “your skin is really gentle and soft” and then kind of pushes on my belly. THEN he later says my body is soft like a woman’s. Although he said both things were compliments. Thanks, but no thanks.

Same evening

2. I order dinner at the diner I frequent and the runner looks at my order and asks the server if I’m going to eat all of this? Like I ordered 8 meals or something. EXCUSE ME SIR, I REALLY LIKE TATOR TOTS!!

People please, you’re giving me a complex. It takes a lot of except being a thick and juicy person, but damn…

I guess the diet starts Monday.

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Best friends forever…

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One In A Million

I’m slowly beginning to look for things to do for my birthday trip to San Francisco and I’m beginning to get really excited for it.

This could be us but you playin’